National Univerisity Maynooth Sociology Department

The new website for the Sociology Department at NUIM Maynooth went live in March 2011.  Once again I built this NUIM site based on a design by Eclipse Internet Services.  Using Drupal, the Zen 2.0 base theme, the design specification and a number of jpeg images, I delivered a standards compliant and semantically correct XHTML theme.   


The site had less functionality requirements than the NUIM library site but a little extra work on the design implementation.  Some of the functionality I included, with the help of contributed modules, are events, news feeds, custom front page built using panels, wysiwyg editor, dropdown primary menus, views and site map.


 The site contained just four content types:

  • News (may designate as 'feature') - enter details of a news story - images may be included, and video links embedded. Field to attach image to display as thumbnail in lists. Comments enabled

  • Event - enter details for an upcoming event. Event details such as start/end times, location and cost may be entered.

  • Testimonial: Fields for each of persons thumbnail image, name and title with a wysiwyg box for the testimonial.

  • Person - Data for staff/postgraduates to appear on 'People' pages but flexible enough to be used in other contexts. Fields will included Title (eg. Prof. J. Bloggs PhD), first name (Joe), last name (Bloggs), position (Department Head), email, telephone, location, description (wysiwyg box) and thumbnail image.

  • Page - Standard default page.

Contributed Modules
AddThis Button Administration menu  
Advanced help

Better Formats

Calendar Chaos tool suite Conditional Stylesheets

Content Construction Kit (CCK)

Custom Search Date Embedded Media Field Email Field
FileField ImageAPI


IMCE IMCE Mkdir IMCE Wysiwyg Link
Menu block

Nice Menus

Panels Pathauto
PNGFix Sitemap Taxonomy Defaults Text Resize
Token Vertical Tabs View Reference Views
Views Accordion Wysiwyg    

Before delivery the site was tested across mulitple browers,
IE6, 7 and 8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.  Adjustments for non
complient browsers were made using the Conditional Stylesheets module.