Signed up for Proton Mail public beta today. The are based in Switzerland and all ProtonMail to ProtonMail emails are automatically encrypted. You can also encrypt, or not encrypt, email you send to a, say, Gmail account but the recipient needs to know a password you assigned them in order to decrypt it. When you sign in you have a username and two passwords. One password for your regular sign-in and a second password to decrypt the message date. ProtonMail mail never have access to the second password, or at least claim so. Thus the selling point is that they cannot decrypt your email even if they wanted to, or were forced to.

Nice idea if you want to avoid the NSA, or lots of others, from snooping, assuming it works as advertised. What interests me is that 'SPAM' mailbox on the left. If ProtonMail can't read you email, and all emails are not encrypted identically (different password seed I assume) then how do they screen spam from another ProtonMail account?

Anyway my plan is to keep an an the Spam folder and give credit where credit is due if they can diver most encrypted spam from hitting my Inbox. And if they miss lots will they scount towards my monthly total?

Caveat Emptor: attachments are not necessarily secure yet and this is a Betas.

P.S. This would be a really good time grab a good username if you are interested.

P.S.S Yes I'm back blogging, hopefully it will not be another three years before the next post.