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Signed up for Proton Mail public beta today. The are based in Switzerland and all ProtonMail to ProtonMail emails are automatically encrypted. You can also encrypt, or not encrypt, email you send to a, say, Gmail account but the recipient needs to know a password you assigned them in order to decrypt it. When you sign in you have a username and two passwords. One password for your regular sign-in and a second password to decrypt the message date. ProtonMail mail never have access to the second password, or at least claim so.

Website for Library at NUIM Maynooth

The new website for the library at NUIM Maybooth went live this month.  I built the site based on a design by Eclipse  Internet Services.  Using Drupal, the Zen base theme, the design specification and a number of jpeg images, I delivered a standards compliant and semantically correct XHTML theme.   

Some of the functionality included, with the help of contributed modules, included an events calendar, news feeds and archive, custom front page built using panels, wysiwyg editor, dropdown primary menus, views and site map.

At the time of delivery the site was tested across mulitple browers, IE6, 7 and 8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.  Adjustments for non complient browsers were made using the Conditional Stylesheets module.  

American Sports Equipment goes live

Client's site went live last week. They are a sporting goods company focusing on the needs of team and individual sports and the people that take part in them.  Sports catered to include softball, baseball, American football, basketball, golf and tennis.

The site is build on a Drupal framework, with Acquia Prosper as the basis for the theme and the store administration managed by the Ubercart e-commerce suite.


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